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JP Enterprises AR 308 MKIII Free Float Signature Tube előagy

167.700 Ft
154.800 Ft (121.890 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 8%
Az akció időtartama:
2022. 09. 25. - 2022. 12. 31.
Elérhetőség: készleten
Gyártó: JP Enterprises

Leírás és Paraméterek

JP Enterprises AR 308 MKIII Free Float Signature Tube Handguard - 15.5"

With a new enhanced attachment method that combines aesthetic polish and durability, the JP MKIII system accommodates both the stylish, rock-blasted JP Signature tube with its faster rail relocation and new textured finish. Like its predecessors, MK III allows for easy rail mounting at any of the cardinal points along the tube as well as at the 45°s while also offering continued compatibility with all JP Tactical Rail accessories. Manufactured as ever to the uncompromising JP standard, the MK III system is the final word on modular design fusing simplicity and utility with the benefits of both: New, patented attachment method dramatically improves structural integrity while allowing for perfect alignment to bore axis comparable to one-piece, monolithic systems Offers top rail continuity, allowing bridging of the receiver and hand guard rail with optical mounts Barrel nut redesign allows for easier and faster barrel installation or replacement Internal barrel retainer nut serves as a lifetime component that doesn't distort like one-piece, one-time-use aluminum barrel retention nuts Easily interchangeable tubes with rapid re-indexing Standard, readily-available 10-32 screws for rail attachment less limiting compared to the problems of proprietary hardware Ergonomically optimal 2" tube diameter easily clears minimized gas block and is available for both small- and large- frame models Fits - DPMS pattern 308 rifles.

SPECS: Fits - DPMS Pattern 308 rifles. 15" length.  Inside Diameter - 1.75".  Outside Diameter - 2".  Weight - 15.5": 1.10 lbs.


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