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Drake Rivet ILF reflexíj középrész - 19"

89.764 Ft (70.680 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: DRK-RVT-R19
Elérhetőség: egyedi rendelésre
Gyártó: Drake Archery
Kapható választék:

Leírás és Paraméterek

Riser | DRAKE Rivet - 19 inch - ILF

The new DRAKE Rivet riser is unusual: with unusual curves, additional weights and in modern, satin black. The 19 inch long riser is made of magnalium, an aluminium alloy with magnesium content (5%). As a result, at 1318g, the riser gains significantly in weight compared to similar risers, offering more shooting smoothness and stability as well as comforting liability. The advantage of the material is that it has an enormous strength, which is about twice as high as with risers made of pure aluminium.

The additional bar, which extends forward over the hand and acts like a finger guard, houses the three mounts for the screw weights. Each of the three weights weighs 525gn or 34g and can be screwed in or out as required. If you use all the weights, the riser is about 100g heavier.

Beyond the obligatory standard bushings for button, arrow rest and stabiliser, the DRAKE Rivet centrepiece has additional screws and threads for attaching an add-on quiver.

For limbs with ILF plug-in system

The limbs are attached to the riser using the International Limb Fitting System (ILF). The limbs are simply inserted into the worm arm receptacles on the riser and not screwed in. This innovative, standardised system allows the use of ILF limbs from different manufacturers and does not tie the shooter to one manufacturer or the manufacturer of the riser. The limbs can thus be easily and quickly mounted or exchanged for other draw weights or models.

Only available as a right-handed model.

Technical data:
Length: 19 inch
Weight (without additional weights): 1318g
Weight (with additional weights): 1420g
Material: Magnalium (aluminium alloy with approx. 5% magnesium)
Material (handle shell): Dymondwood
Additional weights (per piece): approx. 525gn / 34g


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