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Challis 1911 Hex Drive Bushing markolat o-gyűrű

390 Ft
195 Ft (154 Ft + ÁFA)
Kedvezmény: 50%
Az akció időtartama:
2023. 06. 08. - 2023. 06. 28.
Cikkszám: CHA-100024738
Elérhetőség: készleten
Gyártó: Challis Grips
Legkisebb rendelhető mennyiség: 4!

Leírás és Paraméterek

Challis 1911 Hex Drive Bushing O-Rings

An Integral Part of the Challis Hex Drive Grip Bushing System

Challis Hex Drive 1911 Grip Bushing O-Rings are an integral part of what makes Challis’s hex grip bushing system on of the most secure methods for installing 1911 grips. They help you maintain a firmer hold on the pistol and prevent damage to grips made of delicate material. Since they absorb impact, the O-rings do wear out eventually and should be replaced periodically for best effectiveness. As you tighten the grip screw, the O-ring is forced down a conical seat and outward against the counterbore in the bottom of the grip. When the grip is fully seated, the compressed O-ring holds the grip firmly in place, isolates it from the bushing, and prevents it from shifting around during recoil. For maximum protection, use in conjunction with Challis grip screw O-rings (sold separately) Long-wearing synthetic rubber construction Available in 8- and 24-packs Challis Hex Drive 1911 Grip Bushing O-Rings will reduce scuffing of the frame by grips made of abrasive material like G10 fiberglass composite, and they protect expensive fragile grips such as bone, legally-harvested ivory, and mammoth tooth. They also minimize loosening of bushings caused by heavy grip materials like carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, and G10.


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