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Bearpaw Doa háti tegez

78.958 Ft (62.172 Ft + ÁFA)
Cikkszám: BRPW--DOA
Elérhetőség: ajánlatkérés
Gyártó: Bearpaw

Leírás és Paraméterek

BEARPAW DOA - back quiver 

The back quiver DOA from the DOA collection is a special quiver due to many features. The first special feature is the material: it is made of high quality and REACH compliant smooth leather (cow) with the so-called "pull-up" effect. Pull-Up effect means that the leather has been dyed light. A dark wax layer gives the product its final colour. When the product is used, the vintagestyle is created: the light colouring comes out. In the back quiver is enough space for all arrows. BEARPAW's universal strap system makes the DOA back quiver suitable for both right and left handed shooters. The second special feature: The DOA collection - a matter of the heart of BEARPAW.

BEARPAW's leather and textile products are handmade in Pakistan. The consistent top quality and working conditions on site are non-negotiable. Employees receive insurance for themselves and their families and all receive a secure income through permanent employment. The salary of the local employees is three times what is average for this region. Each employee has been carefully selected - they are true experts in their field. This is strongly reflected in the high quality workmanship, consistent quality as well as a noble appearance of the products.

In the 2022 leather and textile collection, BEARPAW pays special attention to the selection and sourcing of materials. In order to bring sustainable, high-quality and well-designed products to the market, they use only "REACH-compliant" materials. REACH-compliant products and articles are those that meet all the conditions of the EU Chemicals Regulation. For all materials, they try to source them locally and consider short transportation distances. In addition, BEARPAW's partner in Pakistan is "B Corp" and "BSCI" certified. "B Corp" is an international certificate awarded by the non-profit organization "B Lab" to companies for their social and environmental impact. The aim of "BSCI" is to improve working conditions worldwide. A specific code of conduct must be adhered to within the supply chain.

The right seam makes the difference: The seams of BEARPAW products are processed with "Deutscher Gütermann Faden". This is no coincidence, because this seam is particularly resistant. Each product is embossed by hand. It is embossed with precise milled brass embossing dies. The embossing process works with pressure and heat, whereby each leather, each product must be treated differently.

Suitable for righ- and left-handed shooters.

The DOA collection - a matter of the heart for BEARPAW

Brought out for children and young people, with every sale from the DOA Collection a donation is made by BEARPAW to the DOA Foundation.
DOA stands for Dorothea, Oskar and Annelotte, mother and grandparents of the foundation's founder Tim Beier - CEO and owner of BEARPAW.
With the aim of helping children and young people who have lost faith in themselves to lead a self-determined and free life, Tim Beier wants to convey the values of responsibility, steadfastness and the principle of "give and take", as he received them from his mother Dorothea and his grandparents along the way.

With this shooting glove you do something good for your child and children in need!

Length: approx. 56 cm
Colour: Dark brown
Material: cowhide
Hand: right hand, left hand


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